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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Designed to inspire and to please. Engineered to respond predictably to every command. And finely crafted to deliver an exhilarating driving experience that, on every outing, reminds you why you love taking to the open road. Meet the new Mazda3. Stunning form that strongly suggests dynamic prowess and fun behind the wheel. Class-leading levels of agility, braking, and cabin quietness.

Optimized performance for enhanced Zoom-Zoom driving pleasure with minimal impact on the environment. Luxurious and versatile interior appointments and a cockpit that makes sports driving all the more enjoyable. The sport compact that has it all — the new Mazda3.


Settle into the gentle embrace of Mazda3's comfortable seats and leave the commotion of the outside world behind. The pleasure of the experience actually begins the instant you unlock the door and are greeted by Mazda's new Interactive Lighting Control, a system of pleasing visual effects that respond to your actions and form an intuitive connection between you and your car.

The sporty styling of the cabin interior features a bright, roomy feeling that stands as a testament to fine ergonomic design. Functional beauty strikes a harmonious balance between comfort, operating ease, quality appearance and sculptural elegance.

The "zone layout" cockpit wraps around the driver, placing controls where they can be accessed with a minimum of hand and eye movement. Both the audio system and new Multi Information Display (MID) mounted at eye level can be controlled from the steering wheel. The angles of the console and instrument panel are driver-optimized, as is the positioning of the gearshift knob and the parking brake lever. The multi-adjustable seat assures a comfortable driving position and firm support when enjoying a sporty drive. A wide field of vision makes it easier to see what's ahead when cornering. No detail was overlooked in assuring that your drive is as pleasing and satisfying as possible


Buckle in behind the wheel and get ready for one of the most exciting driving experiences imaginable. Sporty performance with lively acceleration and linear characteristics. The smooth, responsive ride of its tuned suspension and refined version of Mazda's own Electro-Hydraulic Power Assist Steering (EHPAS) system. The powerful, predictable and reliable stopping power of its four-wheel disc brakes. Wherever your road leads, Mazda3 is built to act in perfect concert with your intentions and to leave you both exhilarated and elated.

Whether opting for the MZR 1.6 or MZR 2.0 engine with a manual or Activematic transmission, you are assured satisfying and confidence-inspiring performance combined with clean emissions performance and penny-pinching fuel economy. Both engines feature aluminium blocks, a DOHC 16-valve layout, Mazda's sequential valve timing (S-VT), and electronic throttle control.

Painstaking effort extends to every detail related to driving performance. This includes an updated body featuring yet greater structural integrity and rigidity so you can take full advantage of the suspension's performance potential and enjoy true Zoom-Zoom handling stability and ride comfort. The body is also designed to realize a class-leading level of aerodynamic performance, which further suppresses noise while enhancing stability and fuel economy.


Mazda3 is fully outfitted with the latest safety technologies designed to provide a safe, reassuring driving experience. Active safety equipment includes Bi-xenon headlamps and 4-wheel ABS with electronic brake-force distribution (EBD). Passive safety measures also excel, from the Mazda Advanced Impact Distribution and Absorption System body, to the full complement of up to six airbags.

Price RM 111, 249


hatikubaik|mohdhazlan Dreadlock said...



Aida Omar said...

bagi sebijik kat aida yang nie..mmg tak tidur malam la..hehe..cantik lah.

Khairil said...

tengok yang ni teringin le pulak...

PORUMAN said...

cantik beb... tp harga tu yg wat aku x nak bli... gaji sbln pon x ckp..


haa...macam shockwave..agagagaga..hehehe. Lana keta, suka color camni..n color garang,merah,kuning.. keta color kuning takda ke abgman??hehehe

Mankete said...

hazlan - xcellence bro eheeheh

Aida - tido dlm keta ja la hahaha

Khairil - semua ko teringin bro ehehe

Poruman - gaji 80 bulan pon tak ckup lagi POruman ahhahah

Lana - kuning mcm bumble tu kaeheh

~NajiLaA~ said...

my mum drove mazda2.mazda3 nmpk cm lg cool je.but i have to say,mazda's are all awesome! :)

cunndaa said...

tak dapat beli, dapat tengok pun jadilah....

::ini belog saya . cinta hati saya:: said...

mazda oh mazda

cantik lah keta nie


shark said...

saya suke nampak muda :)

mankete said...

Najila - mazda mmg cool n ur mom is super cool eheh

cundaa - ala takkan tgk je..mesti haida nak beli pakai jgk kan :)

inibelogsy - oh pujaan hati ku mazda ehehe

shark - yup design mmg cantek.. design yg mn plak nampak tua ehehhe

caliph shuriken said...

lagi satu brand yg stylo ^^

deqlis said...