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Friday, July 29, 2011


Discover the excitement of Zoom-Zoom driving - the unique thrill of being in motion we all felt in childhood - with Mazda2. Its fresh, distinctive good looks, sparkling performance and exceptional functionality take you places in unequalled comfort and style. With convenience and quality that’s simply unmatched in this class. On the road, Mazda2’s superb handling and lively response open up a whole new world of driving pleasure. A unique experience that only comes from Mazda.


Everything about Mazda2 is created to make life on the road more convenient and enjoyable, right down to the smallest detail. To provide a comfortable position for drivers of almost any size, the driver’s seat has 250mm of fore-aft slide and 55mm of height adjustment, while the steering wheel offers 50mm of tilt adjustment.

All controls are close to hand and positioned for complete ease of operation. And the gear lever is mounted at the bottom of the centre stack for easier, more assured gear shifting. What’s more, manoeuvring on crowded city streets or getting into tight parking spaces is a breeze thanks to Mazda2’s compact dimensions and the excellent visibility born from innovative design techniques including a low, forward-sloping beltline.

Driving Dynamic

Newly-developed suspension – MacPherson strut at the front and torsion beam at the rear – and Electric Power Assist Steering (EPAS) system deliver a stable ride and precise, linear handling, allowing everyone to experience the fun of being in command of the car. Advanced technology including Sequential Valve Timing (S-VT) gives the powerful MZR 1.5 engine thrilling response across its entire speed range, as well as outstanding fuel economy.

And this translates into sparkling performance no matter where you drive, from high-speed motorway cruising to stop-start driving on crowded city streets, and everything in between. So drivers of all abilities can enjoy Mazda2’s dynamic performance to the full. Front ventilated disc and rear drum brakes offer confident, linear stopping power that ranks among the best in the class. And the smooth, comfortable ride features low levels of noise, vibration and harshness to make Mazda2 a calm and quiet companion at any speed.


In spite of its light weight and compact size, Mazda2 boasts some of the highest safety ratings in its class. This means you can confidently enjoy the drive, secure in the knowledge that if a collision occurs you and your passengers will be well protected.

Active safety measures include high-speed stability tuned on European motorways for assured control, along with a four-wheel Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist (BA), to enhance stopping power. Passive safety is built around the evolved Mazda Advanced Impact Distribution and Absorption System that delivers outstanding protection in front, side and rear impacts by dispersing collision energy around the body and fiercely resisting cabin deformation. And dual front airbags add another layer of protection.

Price : MAzda 1.5 HB RM 80,822.00

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simanis said...

Lawa la dia ni...saya sangat berkenan...ijau tak berapa lick! kalau merah mesti merembessssss... tak ler mahal mane pun...hehehehe...

simanis said...

opsssss...typo di sana...*lick tu silap...*kick sebenarnyer...

lain mcm plak bunyik nyer...adeh!


hahahah,ni syg lebih abgman nih! hahahaha.hritu merah, la ni hijau! suka2! hurmm, entah bila la dpt beli keta2 cmni..kalau dpt pun..disebalik tabir,hutang tiap bulan..bukan bayar habeh T___T adehh

mankete said...

simanis - harga dia ok tak la mahal sgt..beli la cikgu eheh

lana - insyallah usaha pasti dpt :)

cunndaa said...

saya tak suka ijau....
saya nak merah...

Hans said...

macam biasalah
aku tunggu ko beli
aku nak tumpang je

teynteyn the doll said...

hok ni la teyn dok gosok2 abah teyn suruh beli ni hahaha

mankete said...

cunda - ahahah apesal lak tak suka hijau ..hijau bukan sejuk ker hehe

hans - beli la hans ko asik tumpang aku ja ahaha

teyn teyn - cuba la gosok cikgu wan teyn mesti cikgu belikan ehhehe

bumbleB said...

pehh lawa gile kaler..

Entry baru: Jom Kawen!

jehanfrhin said...

nak sebijik!!! boleh??? =P