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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


JAKARTA - Stay focused and need to be vigilant.

It was a reminder from Ong Kim Siew to his squad Under-23 (B-23) countries before meeting the final action against Indonesia in Group A 2011 SEA Games Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Thursday.

Despite the national team is on track to the semi-final, Kim Swee did not want his squad trapped Indonesia, thus blocking the path to go further.

"Target places the semi-final hunt is now located in our own hands. We do not want to depend on the results of other teams.

"No matter what happens in the match between Singapore and Thailand, I want the players always focus on the match with Indonesia," said Kim Swee to Kosmo! yesterday.

Although the Young Tigers have seen enough rest before facing Indonesia, Kim Swee demanded his boys prepared mentally and physically.

"It must be remembered when we are against Indonesia, we are not only against the 11 players in the middle of the field but they have to deal with thousands of home crowd.

"Of course the situation should be handled well by all the players who revealed later. The player can not play according to my feelings that eventually invite consequences for the team," he said.

Referee were also able to be a factor determining the outcome of the match later, Kim Swee said: "We should learn from what happened in a match involving Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

"But I hope things like this (the player was sent off) does not apply to the team. Most importantly, the players I have to control emotions during the game progresses," he said.

Harimau Muda squad closer place best in a group of four teams at the Games this time after defeat Cambodia 4-1 on Saturday.

Before that, squads of Kim Swee goalless draw with Singapore before the 2-1 victory over team selection, Thailand.

However, Thailand's mission at the Games in Jakarta ended early when the team fell to the Indonesia has confirmed the results semi-final slot three wins in a row.

After a 6-0 thrashing of Cambodia, Indonesia, to continue winning ways in claiming a 2-1 win over Singapore and won 3-1 over Thailand.

After three games, Indonesia needs to lead Group A when collecting nine points, followed by Malaysia (seven), Singapore (four) and Thailand (three).

Cambodia also failed to win any points when defeated in all four games to overcome.


khairul said...

ada chance tak ?

mankete said...

mesti ada chance bro..janji tak gentar, dan main mcm biasa..

Cik tikah said...

nak malaysia menang!

Cebagoo Market said...

Jangan lupa pakai jersi HARIMAU MALAYA anda tanda sokongan ok?

Belum ada jersi tu? Tengok sini