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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New 2011 Volkswagen Beetle Concept

Volkswagen bring the high- performance Beetle R Concept to the Frankfurt Motor Show stage by a second conceptual study to praise the Fender which is a popular US based music instrument manufacturer.

The 2011 Beetle Concept design is based on an electric guitar modified by the Fender Telecaster, Volkswagen Design. The bespoke Beetle study is a high- gloss ‘Black’ colored and finished in a fine red line bordering the side windows.

The exterior of the vehicle has been made from chrome and aluminum accents, including the door mirror caps, door handles, the trim strip beneath the side windows and side sills. The same arrangement twin tailpipes used in the original Beetle are applied in this new 2011 VW Beetle Concept.

The 19 inch wheels where the VW Beetle Concept stands are painted in aluminum caps. The track of the rear axle shift is now wider 10 mm each of the wheels. As the result the new Beetle’s suspension is lowered by approximately 30mm compared to the previous model.

Inside the car, the dashboard is trimmed in two- tone wood styling theme which also commonly found on a number Fender guitars. On the other part, particular controls located on the center console were reworked in order to make those look like as used on Fender’s guitar bass amplifiers.

For the features and equipments, the Beetle Concept has been equipped with high- end audio system from Fender and a special socket as well, placed in the boot area which enables the electric guitar to be plugged in along with its sound played over the subwoofer which is also incorporated in the boot.


~ selowmelor ~ said...

wow lawanya!!!! black plak tu!!

shark said...

cool car..minat dgn volkwagen GTI..pergghhhh kaler merahhh lawa gelll..itu jam gak aku rasa mau jual honda aku ;p

mankete said...

shark - ahaha patut kalau camtu ambik gti laa .. cepat tukar ehhe

Rain said...

peminat kete klasik tapi urban mesti layan nyer kete macam ni..

khairul said...

agak2 bila kita boleh pki ni bro ?

mankete said...

rain - kereta ni ada ciri klasik dan urban

khairul - insyallah next year bro ehehe

uncle hyree said...

sekadar tengok je lah huhu mesti mahal bila kena tax gila-gila time masuk malaysia hihihihi

ch000tz axoera said...

like beetle so much!

Nonie said... car!!

Cik Nurul said...

cantik laa.. nak 1 !


Ekram Mahat said...

fulamak...memang kete idaman la..hehe