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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Lotus promises will make their trio of sports cars in the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show by bringing a new generation of the Exige S and Exige R-GT, which they have come up with the new addition to the lineup Elise, the Elise S. This new model will replace the Elise SC is only shown with a special edition and the Elise SC Final Edition.

The Lotus Elise first appeared about 15 years ago and promised the performance of a supercar, but the fuel consumption of a city car. That idea is still strong today with a new 1.8-liter super charged engine produces a total of 217 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque. The great thing about the new Elise S is that a similar power of the Elise SC – actually a higher peak torque (184 lb-ft of the SC 156 lbs-ft) – but it has answered the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions problems caused by the change in the regulations.

Like the new design of the Exige S, Lotus Elise S will smooth lines to clean up its appearance. The grille has been modified to add a bit of aggression, as well as a solid line across the front of the vehicle. Head to the center of the car and we will have a standard black soft-top roof, go back to the new optional diffuser with a silver anodized finish available.

For the interior, the new Elise S offers standard lightweight aluminum passenger footrest, a black plain/perforated leather steering wheel, a black leather gear lever gaiter, a polished aluminum gear knob and handbrake sleeve, and an engine start push button.

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Anonymous said...

uihhh teringat pakwe yg bwk lotus hrituh..ahaha !

khairul said...

smart gila

rainbowcloudy said...


muah3.. oh bestnyer angan2 jd betol.

cunndaa said...

smat uh...

kappokick said...

kecik molek..tapi power..tapi x mampu...:)

mankete said...

alia - man ka tu alia ehehe

khairul - ya nampak smart bro

rain - aminn

cunda - leh la beli satu dah keje ni

kapokick - sama la kita heheh

RinsyaRyc said...

hemsem gilo keta.. huhuhu.. terus cair..