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Thursday, August 18, 2011


Skoda cars faster than the Porsche 911
RICHARD 'Dickie' Meaden Skoda Octavia car driving at a speed of 325.32 km per hour at the Bonneville United States on Saturday.

Bonneville, United States (U.S.) - A stunt driver, Richard 'Dickie' Meaden became the first driver to break the level of 321.86 km per hour speed drive Skoda car, a newspaper said yesterday.

Previously, cars that frequent the Czech Republic became a laughing because it was not considered on par with major car brands in Europe.

However, the Skoda takes six months to make a modification to Skoda Octavia cars for the challenge.

Meaden drives the car with a speed of 325.32 km per hour driving session at Bonneville Speed ​​Week here, the state of Utah on Saturday.

Two-liter engine capacity of car is equipped with a turbocharger to increase vehicle power giant from 200 horsepower (bhp) to more than 500bhp at once more powerful than the Porsche 911 sports car. - Agencies

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