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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Proton Saga FLX With CVT

Proton Saga FLX is now available for public viewing at a Proton showroom. More important than being able to view the car is the fact that we now have more juicy information to share with you. First of all, the Saga FLX with CVT is available in two trim lines. It starts off with the FLX 1.3 Standard which also comes with a manual transmission.

This is followed by the FLX 1.3 Executive, also available with a manual transmission as well. Let’s start with the former. The FLX 1.3 Standard uses a 6-speed CVT and the transmission has something called an SAT Switch which stands for Stepped Automatic Transmission, which sort of simulates the feel of a standard 6-speed automatic transmission. This switch is located beside the gear lever.

Based on the Saga FL (AT) Standard, everything else remains the same according to the sales person, though the FLX 1.3 Standard with CVT does not feature ABS. Airbags are also not part of the safety feature list as well.

The FLX 1.3 Executive on the other hand comes with ABS, which allows you to steer your car while performing emergency braking. There is also EBD, or Electronic Brake Force Distribution, which adjusts brake force applied on each wheel.

Other than ABS and EBD, the Executive additionally comes with driver and passenger airbags, seat belt with pre-tensioners, steering wheel with audio controls, height adjustable driver’s seat, electric door mirrors, front fog lamps, a rear spoiler and finally side protector moulding. Also included is a multi-purpose container.

The entire FLX range is available in five body colour options including Solid White, Tranquality Black, Genetic Silver, Blue Rock and finally Elegant Brown, which is what we have here in the photos. Now for the pricing bit. Proton has yet to release official figures but according to the sales person, the FLX 1.3 Standard with CVT is likely to be priced at RM41,998 OTR, which is about RM1,000 more than the 1.3 (AT) Standard.

1,000 more than the 1.3 (AT) Standard.

The same RM1,000 price bump is also expected for the FLX 1.3 Executive, giving an estimated price tag of RM44,298 OTR. The FLX is now available for pre-bookings but at the moment we are unable to confirm when deliveries will start. Nevertheless, something tells us it might be right before the Hari Raya celebrations. The sales person also mentioned that most Proton showrooms should be equipped with at least one Saga FLX display unit.

Source : PaulTan.Org


raider150 said...

man keta beli reanult lagi power tu..jom tengok gambar kat blog teman....tapi apa hal kita mesti sokong keta buatan malaysia nie..x gitu..

mankete said...

raider - kete renault tu, blh2 nanti kawe dtg heheh

harrazdani said...

biasanya mankete hanya sinonim dengan kete2 mewah jer....huhu produk malaysia kebanggaan kita...bangga ker ??? huuh

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Cik Kuntum said...

cute jerrrr hehe tapi hati Cik Kuntum tetap pada honda..berbaloi3x

op anaz said...

Bahagian depan design ok...blakang kurang sikit...apa2 pun jnama Malaysia tetap terbaik..:-)