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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Honda Insight Hybrid 2011

The Insight Hybrid, like you, truly has an eco-friendly heart. By using two distinct power sources – an electric motor and an i-VTEC engine, the hybrid system gives you better fuel efficiency and enhanced performance.

1.3L i-VTEC + IMA

While the 1.3L engine serves as the main power source, the Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) system provides additional power when it is needed. Together, they can produce a
maximum torque of 121Nm
[12.3kg-m] + 78Nm [8.0kg-m].

Intelligent Power Unit (IPU)

The IPU controls the functions and regulates the power of the IMA engine. 19% smaller and 28% lighter, it made placement beneath the rear cargo area possible.

Guidance Function

The colour-changing speedometer provides you with real-time information that lets you monitor your driving style.

Scoring Function

The eco-scoring function provides feedback about your current and long-term driving practices. When the ignition is turned off, the Multi-information Display reveals your latest driving cycle and cumulative lifetime performance.

Civic Hybrid’s place as the cheapest hybrid car in Malaysia with a price tag of only RM98,000 OTR including insurance. This makes it exactly RM7,520 more than the most expensive Honda City. Honda Malaysia is also topping up the warranty for the battery to 5 years or 140,000km as compared to the usual 3 year warranty.


aRe-PeaK said...

dah order dah..hihi..

mankete said...

are peak - eheh terbaek..nanti test driver bg review kat bro..ok

cikida said...

wahhhh,,kete semmat !

NasZ said...



mankete said...

cikida - mmg smart and eco friendly awk..

Nasz - alternatif for the future bro

adib syazwan said...


Ainn Hazwany said...

awhhhhhh ! smart gilakkkkk !

mankete said...

adib - kene test gak la dulu eheh

ain - teknologi masa depan..jimat minyak la katakan

zunitaramli said...

byk jugak jumpe keta ni kt Jepun ni :)

Cik TeN10 said...

hybrid car !! teringat incident last year.. hihi

ejoy said...

mmg smart kete nih said...
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Cityiklan said...

Cantik kereta ni...