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Friday, January 23, 2009

BMW 318i (A) 1997 (CAR SOLD)

- one owner
- original paint, leather seat
- 16' sport rim
- tip top condition
- engine and suspension running in good condition
- price RM 36,000 ( CAR SOLD)
- loan arangeable,
- ctc Man 0193518108


wan azlan said...

I am interested with this car. BMW 318i. Willing to pay cash but at only dengan budget I RM31K.
Kalu nak negotiate lagi...016-9510719 WAN AZLAN
Ini untuk pakai sendiri.

Anonymous said...

last price 35k

Remco said...

Has this car been sold yet? Any other cars for sale? Your website has not been updated for a while... Cheers

zulkbo said...

cuma takut maintain
tak tahan..sparepart
mau mahal ni..he he

mankete said...

hehe..biasala bro zul bmw..tapi kalau tip top mmg best bwk..

fizacaldina said... lh pulak ye..juz kidding...hehehe

cuz said...

cantik BMW ni..hehe bukan dh ade pembeli ke tu??hehe

Anonymous said...

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